A Change in the Air – photography exhibition supporting NGO PENHA

One of the charities we support is the International NGO PENHA who work in the Horn of Africa. We travelled with them across Uganda visiting and documenting the Pastoralists that PENHA work with. The photographs document not only Pastoralist bucolic living, at once idyllic and tough but also the advance of modernity and the necessity for these gentle people to keep up with the environmental, social and economic change. The photographs were recently displayed in a two week long exhibition at Calumet’s flagship store, and kicked off the year-long celebrations of the Silver Jubilee of PENHA (the Pastoralist and Environmental Network in the Horn of Africa), marking its 25th Anniversary Year of essential work in Uganda, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Somalia, Sudan, Kenya and Djibouti. Generously supported by Fujifilm UK who printed the whole exhibition on their Photo Pearl Board and kindly hosted by Calumet in their flagship store in Drummond Street. Thanks also to EIZO who showcased film footage shot there, all the images were edited on an EIZO CG246.

 A change in the Air exhibition Calumet copyright Vanessa Champion

A change in the Air exhibition Calumet copyright Vanessa Champion

“It’s not every day you get to witness the eerie silence of herding hundreds of cows and goats as the sun sets in Uganda, drink warm cow’s milk from dark-black polished smoked wooden pots, sit on smooth flattened Friesian hides in thatched mud huts in the half-light while a tropical storm blows furiously outside, or listen sitting huddled together with Bahima women and their herder men while they sing and dance the beauty of their traditional Ankoli cows, or walk through wet red earth smelling the rising perfume of flowers releasing their scent in the damp evening air to reach a home of a tribal head of a cooperative.”

To view the images on exhibition, click here: http://6647440.tifmember.com/v/photos/uganda 

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