Ever wanted to push yourself and your expectations? A unique opportunity has come up to support a UK based charity which is running a two week course in Sierra Leone in November 2016. They need a photographer and someone who can film to travel with them and document their work. You need inoculation for Yellow Fever. Contact that charity ASAP if you are interested.   You will be working mostly in Freetown.


school_destroyed_by_sierra_leone_civil_warSaturday 5th November – Saturday 19th November.
We will be working Monday – Friday and have the middle weekend free.
Photographically they want to document :
1.  The students journey so far.  – how they got to where they are and a little history of their lives.
2.  Teach some of the students basic photography skills as the charity wish the students to be able to video their own story, their journey to class each day, etc.
3.  The country and how it looks now.
4.  You will need to document a video story of the trip
5.  The charity and guests/volunteers teaching – Images and video diary
6. They need a video for the website which the charity can cut it once you have the footage if you do not want or have time to.
8.  Also a series of interviews.
You need to be able to fund yourself there, but if you can demonstrate remarkable photographic skills, they might be able to help you. Contact Sarah Glover, the founder of the charity ASAP!!!!

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