Greyhounds and the Houses of Parliament

One of our PhotoAid Global photographers, Louisa Tratalos, was commissioned to shoot an event at The Houses of Parliament to support the Greyhound Trust. Louisa writes:

I really enjoyed my evening taking photographs at the annual Greyhound Trust event at The Houses of Parliament and by the end of the evening my heart was definitely set on adopting a retired greyhound.

The team at PhotoAid Global were so helpful and supportive throughout the process from connecting me with the contact at the charity, checking I was prepared on the day and then following up after the event. The contact at the charity, Graeme, was really welcoming and was very clear about the photographs he expected from the event.

I shot on a Leica Q and a Nikon D800 which gave me a nice range of shots of people arriving, friends of the charity socialising, some key charity figures giving speeches and generally everyone having a nice evening. I even went on a tour of the Houses of Parliament which was definitely a bonus. It was great to do something on behalf of PhotoAid, gaining experience and confidence with event photography whilst giving back to a charity that care for dogs once they have retired from the racecourse. I would highly recommend working with PhotoAid and I look forward to continuing my involvement.”

Graeme Marsh, Marketing, Communications, and Events Manager for the Greyhound Trust said: “Like many charities we often struggle for resources like professional imagery, which is essential for us to build successful campaigns, demonstrate impact to our supporters, and provide a lasting record of the work we undertake. We are looking forward to working with PhotoAid to help highlight the urgent need we have to find homes for our greyhounds and the work of all the volunteers involved with our charity. Our vision is a day when all racing greyhounds can retire to a loving home and be treated with compassion and kindness. With PhotoAid’s support, and the kindness of talented professionals like Louisa, we can continue to promote our message and our work to the public, and secure the future for the thousands of greyhounds we find homes for every year.”

To find out more about The Greyhound Trust see

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