When we undertake a project for a charity, NGO or good cause we do this in good faith. Our photographers and film-makers have good hearts and are giving their time out of kindness. They respect local customs, people, and also have a duty of care not only to ensure they do not exploit any of the subjects in their lens but also do not abuse the position they could find themselves in.

With that in mind, we have policies in place that all photographers and those working with us, including any charity, NGO or good cause, agree to respect and adhere to.

Copyright & Licensing of images from our agency photographers: 

All rights reserved for photographs and videos.The charities featured in the images may reproduce photographs or video free of charge for educational, awareness building, PR activities and agree they will not commercialise the images (sell, license, share for monetary gain or enter prizes, etc), unless they receive a written agreement from the photographer and PhotoAid Global. No one from the organisation may pass off the images or videos as their own work. The copyright of the images remains with the photographer. Prior written permission from PhotoAid Global and the photographer is necessary for usage by other organizations, companies or groups. Photographs and videos must always be accompanied by a full credit of the photographer’s name and the agency, as follows: Photographer’s name/PhotoAid Global.  

No modifications to either the photographs (composition, colour, etc.) may be made.

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PhotoAid Global Policy Safeguarding Children and Young people