Photographic Services

PhotoAid brokers professional photographic services to NGOs, charities and good causes here in the UK, Africa, India, Far East, Americas and well, you name it. It’s not just about photographing the obvious, it’s about finding the heart, the energy of your charity, whether it’s a simple event or a full-blown expedition across a continent, PhotoAid tells the story –  the people, the place, the air, the smells, the sounds, the laughter…

  • Book a Photographer or film-maker – we have amazing top-notch photographers, contact us with what you need and where and let us help you find a good fit photographer.
  • Cost – Our photographers have good hearts, and often will donate their time for Free or for expenses covered. If you have a budget even better, we can do a more amazing job for you, but money isn’t the world. Contact us, and see how we can help you.
  • We can also organise exhibitions, print sales, design and publish books for your organisation and cause.
  • We also run workshops for your team here in the UK, or create an educational programme in the country or region you operate in.
  • Marketing – our Founder is also a PR guru, so if you’re trying to get the word out there, she is more than happy to help advise. We might have someone who can help you on that front too. Just ask.
PhotoAid, helps convey your NGO, Charity's message whoever in the world you are.

PhotoAid, helps convey your NGO, Charity’s message wherever in the world you are.

We support many charities here in the UK and further afield of all shapes and sizes, who do wonderful work, such as:


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