Directory of Photographers

All our photographers are Professional and hand-selected. We can recommend the best photographer or film-maker to document what you need. From actual photographic services to workshops, talks and training. Let us help you tell your story.

STOP PRESS! We now have an interactive directory for Charities to find a photographer local to them anywhere in the world. Please search for one near you, and photographers please register direct it is open to every photographer wishing to give back.  

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The Main Agency: The photographers below are our hand-picked professional team, contact us to book one of them. 

Ness  VANESSA CHAMPION photographer Stephen Bartells Gallery

Vanessa Champion Photographer, Founder of PhotoAid Global

Vanessa Champion PhD – Founder and Lead photographer for PhotoAid, based just outside London but often travelling in Asia or Africa.   Ness is known for her documentary story-telling, from the commercial and corporate world (events, office spaces, portraiture, magazine stories) to work covering performing arts and manufacturing in particular. Her own heritage in the theatre and the visual arts has given her a sensitivity for timing. “Being able to convey a story of anything visually, from a high street brand to the energy of a portrait session, is a gut feeling. Being technically proficient isn’t enough, you have to listen, wait and trust the moment and yourself.” Portfolio includes Rolls Royce, Corrigans Mayfair, Philips, Royal Opera House.

Ness curates our exhibitions and is also a writer and editor, often writing stories to accompany the photo story. Interviews with Anthony Donnelly5Fives She is founder of PhotoAid Global, supporting NGOs in Africa, India, Nepal, Europe and now South America and Bhutan and is available to give talks and training. “Everyone has a story, I love working with people to help convey their message, whether it is a remote community or a commercial enterprise.” Having worked in remote locations and having had, on occasion, hair-raising experiences(!) she has an interesting array of stories to tell your group or network.




a6013295David Newton, Global Professional photographer and videographer and qualified drone pilot based in Buckinghamshire, UK but constantly in the sky heading off on assignment.
David started life as a Marine Biologist, where he went on to pursue a photographic career including writing for EOS Magazine and was Picture Editor of the Natural History Picture Library (NHPA). A much sought after commercial photographer, David teaches extensively for Canon and also presents for SanDisk, Manfrotto and Lastolite, giving presentations and workshops all over the world. He is available to give talks on his own experiences and also to help train you on how to prepare for an expedition, how to make better use of the camera kit you currently have and how to improve the aesthetic aspects of your photography.
David is great to be around, and being the adventurer he is, he will travel anywhere in the world to help you. David is working with PhotoAid “to engage with and help disadvantaged people and the projects that assist them by helping to bring attention to their plight to the wider world.”





AvH-PortraitAdriaan van Heerden, a professional photographer, specialising in Landscape and environmental stories. He based in Surrey. Adriaan can lead an expedition and is available for talks on technical as well as creative aspects of photography, how to write a story, how to prepare for a photographic trip.

For Adriaan “the values of PhotoAid – to raise awareness of human rights, our duties towards animals and environmental issues – resonate strongly with my own photographic mission to “create beauty in a fragile world”.”




graeme-marshGraeme Marsh, a professional photographer based in East Midlands. He spent 2015 in Tanzania, Rwanda, and Uganda working with a number of international NGOs there.  He worked in Tanzania as a second to the photographer on expedition and in Uganda taking images to support the online efforts of the NGO to highlight their work in Southern Uganda, principally around conservation and wildlife practices.  He has a long background in coaching and facilitation. He is available to talk about travel, Africa, and in particular using editorial alongside image making. He has written two books and content for the agencies he worked with in Africa on a wide range of topics.
His statement: “Having worked in international development I know there are many challenges and difficulties involved in getting the message out to the wider audience, and in documenting events on the ground. Photography can be an invaluable link between the two.”






Saraya Cortaville PhotoAid Global Photographer-5Saraya Cortaville, a professional photographer based in Cheltenham. She has supported Raleigh International, ICS, and the Gurkha Welfare Trust. Saraya is available to run workshops, and give talks on her experiences in the field and travelling. She can also teach Maths and English while she’s accompanying you on location.

I love the way photography can help the charities get more exposure and funding for the wonderful work that sometimes goes unnoticed.”





JC Candanedo, a professional fashion and portrait photographer based in London. He has worked with Mothers Against Violence (MAV), a Manchester based charity that promotes the eradication of violence and the relieve of the victims of the effects of violence within the community. JC has also supported Look Twice, a Youth group helping young people prepare for the future in and around Dorset road, London. Dorset road and the surrounding areas are amongst the 10% most deprived neighbourhoods nationally based on the level of crime.  JC is available to run workshops how to use cameras, he also speaks Spanish, Catalan as well as English and some French, having lived in Panama, Spain, USA, France and Australia before coming to the UK. He can create conceptual images to explain a message as well as create positive portraits of those you are working with. As an IT project manager for 20 years, he can also help teach computing skills if you need it.

He has joined PhotoAid “to be able to use my photographer skills to give back to the community particularly in the topics that matter to me the most such as the eradication of discrimination of any kind (racism, homophobia, transphobia, gender inequality, ageism, body image) in pro of integration, inclusion and equality.”






Kev Sidford Photo

Kev Sidford FRGS is an International Mountain Leader and has worked on many projects, including leading School Groups in Ladakh to help with educational projects, has helped re-house a remote school in Ethiopia. In Ecuador he worked with the communities to create a place of traditional worship, build a much-needed dam and re-plant part of the Amazon Jungle devastated by commerce. In Kyrgyzstan he helped re-build a children’s home in the village of Taldy Bulak and in Mexico helped build a toilet in the school grounds destroyed by recent hurricanes. He will be in Sumatra alongside David Higgs MBE who founded the Environmental Press Agency to help out with an Orang-utan project.

Kev is a Director of the British Association of International Mountain Leaders and has expeditions all over the world and written articles for 4×4 Magazine, Ripcord Adventure Journal and the British Exploration Society and is available to deliver photographic workshops and expeditions as he also has a sizeable list of ground handling agents which led the British Exploration Society to head hunt him as their Chief Leader for an Expedition to Transylvania.

So why PhotoAid Global? “It is inspirational.




Rachel Megawhat

Rachel Megawhat, based in the UK, has been published in countless newspapers, magazines and books, both in the UK and Worldwide, including The Sunday Times, Financial Times, Guardian, New York Post, Breitbart and The Sun. Her Fine Art work has been shown in numerous Galleries including Whitechapel and Tate as well as in USA and Korea. She has also did work with Veterans for peace.

She is available to give talks on her work and also support editing post-production.





Photographer Eleonora Oleotto

Eleonora Oleotto, Italian born professional photographer, Ele now lives in London. She founded a photographic association in Italy, which brings and shares photographic culture with the local community on a voluntary basis. Over the years they have organised a lot of exhibitions, cultural events, workshops and lots of special events involving the local community and other photographic associations.
Ele uses therapeutic photography techniques, and runs a lot of workshops and special projects for people who want to explore themes like self-awareness, self-perception, acceptance, self-esteem, body self-confidence, their image, their own identity, their relationships with others (partners, family, colleagues, etc…), their creativity and on emotional intelligence. She also runs workshops on mindfulness photography, good life principles and projects for children.
Ele also has an architectural degree, so when working here or abroad she can also combine her skill set to run creative workshops and educational sessions, including design performance, meditation and creative writing.
And why PhotoAid? “I think that we have the same aim: to help people. Every person has great value that should be known, sustained and shared to create good relationships and ultimately create a positive world based on harmony, peace and happiness.”




DT Sep 2017 1 HBW Low Res
David Thrower, professional photographer based near Milton Keynes, Dave runs Redshift Media the award-winning commercial video production and photographic company.
Dave is an amazing architectural, lighting and product photographer, and is also a portrait, events and documentary photographer. We have known David for years, watched his work and recommend him highly.
He himself has supported the Freemasons, Wooden Spoon, Livability and Greenfields with charitable photographic work. He is available not only to shoot, but also to offer photographic techniques.
For him PhotoAid offers “the chance to help my community and those less fortunate than myself“.




copyright vanessa champion 07747 025361-6Nyla Sammons, London-based professional photographer. She has shot for Alzheimer’s Research UK, producing photos to advertise ‘The Mighty Quiz’ to help raise money for the charity, photographing celebrity and brand ambassador Rachael Riley. She has also supported The National Deaf Children’s Society, with photography for their brochures and end of year report.
She also photographed for a charity in Bogota, Columbia, where civil war and abject poverty has left thousands of orphans abandoned. This was covered in The Independent. “PhotoAid is a great organisation, helping to put charities in touch with photographers who are happy to volunteer their time and skills to produce photos that will help the charity raise money for their good cause.




Paul Sammons GlobalPaul Salmon, London-based professional photographer, studied Documentary Photography at Newport in the early 1980’s, under the aegis of Magnum Photographer David Hurn. He went on to work for newspapers including The Sunday Times and Time, covering domestic and international assignments.
He covered elements of the Gulf war, and the conflict in Bosnia, and most recently he has become involved in documenting Leprosy in the modern world, principally in Myanmar and Mozambique working with The Leprosy Mission of England and Wales who have missionaries working in 27 countries.
Documentary photography is a genre that has seen a decline in recent years, where the public has a greater interest in celebrity, but I think that we should not give up. In our ever changing world, where catastrophe and disaster is becoming more commonplace, the need for documentary evidence has never been in more need.

Paul can offer workshops offering practical experience on how to get into and out of situations, first aid and urban survival.

Why PhotoAid Global? “At last there is a ‘Go To’ agency of photographers with a collective interest of trying to make a difference in the world.





Photographing Puffins 2

Glen Cousquer, professional photographer based in Edinburgh, Scotland, is currently finishing an animal welfare PhD in which photography and video have played a key theoretical (and above all practical) role to develop ways of seeing and attending. Former President of BAIML (British Association of International Mountain Leaders), working in remote places on expedition, Glen was a vet working with wildlife and in a small animal emergency practice. His work has appeared in many publications and he has worked with various charities including the RSPCA, Donkey Sanctuary UK and SPANA.

He developed photography as a way of helping those responsible for animal welfare and the environment to see. “To see differently. To see better. To see true. To see with their hearts as well as their eyes.”

Glen is available to also run workshops on storytelling and the role of photography and images in narrative. As an experienced IML (and past speaker at RGS Explore) he can run workshops on expedition planning and execution. With his background and professional training in veterinary medicine, outdoor education and human geography he is an excellent addition to any project.

Why PhotoAid? “Very simply, it is about seeing more truly and honestly and caring, about doing good work and doing good works.”




Louisa Tratalos2Louisa Tratalos, is a freelance photographer based in London. Graduating from Goldsmiths, University of London with a degree in History of Art, she spent the first few years working in post-production, advertising and tech before leaving to focus on photography. Louisa has experience shooting portraits, music, behind the scenes and event photography. However, her primary focus is travel and photojournalism with her portfolio covering issues around gender, the environment and mental health. Photo stories include travelling aboard the Transiberian Railway, The Arctic and women in Nepal.
What appeals to you about PhotoAid Global? “Offering photography as a means to help others and raise awareness about important issues. Being part of a network is important to me, I set up Art in Conflict on my own and although I’ve worked with lots of artists and charities, etc, I’ve been working completely independently in reality.
Kristian LevenKristian Leven, based in London for six months of the year he photographs weddings in a very natural and emotive style. He is often travelling and engages in street photography as much as possible. He has been a finalist in the San Francisco, London and Brussels street photography festivals, earning a 2nd Place at the London festival, with work published in Photo Professional, Fuji and Olympus magazine, amongst others. He has documented the work with orphaned and homeless children of the Salaam Baalak Trust, in India. He is available to run workshops on street photography, story-telling, composition and technical aspects. Why PhotoAid Global? “Giving something back from something that has given me so much.




Simon Leech photographerSimon LeachSimon’s passion is creating a sustainable environment and future for all inhabitant species of the planet, including us, but in the process of doing so, we do not force people to give up or deny their ancestral heritage, cultural or ethnic diversity. He is driven to encourage decision-makers to find ways in which environmental and social sustainability can be achieved in collaboration with the people they affect and in harmony with those that they neighbour. 
An experienced traveller with a global network, Simon is committed to the idea that friendship happens through understanding and acceptance of difference.

Simon is an experienced visual communicator Working in photography for three decades, his passion goes beyond his own commissions and exhibitions to working with others as a juror, assessor, speaker and mentor.

“Why Photo Aid?  Well it’s about a community of experienced and skilled professionals offering our craft and years of expertise to add value to organisations that are trying to make the planet, our home,  ‘a smaller’ and more hospitable place for us all.  It is about making a difference with the talent we are gifted with and the craft we have studied years to develop.”



Guille IbanezGuille Ibanez, born in Madrid but drawn to Manchester (UK), where he now lives, Guille Ibanez is a photographer whose work focuses on culture, tradition and human interaction. Originally trained as a cinematographer, he still combines professional film and video work with his passion for photography. The tension between the moving and the still image goes to the heart of Guille’s work, and his pictures are often referred to as being like frames from a film. Early in his career he realised that photography was about more than just capturing isolated moments and that the real power of the camera was as a means of exploring human behaviours and stories and as a tool to connect and interact with the world and the people around him. Guille develops long term projects mostly in his home country of Spain, but he also works within the UK and Asia. Religion and human faith play a major part in his work which has won awards at many festivals both nationally and internationally. Guille’s work has been part of many festivals around Europe and America and he has been a finalist at prestigious festivals such as MIFA (Moscow International Foto), BSPF (Brussels Street Photography Festival), Miami SP Festival and many others. He has also had two solo exhibitions in Manchester and Sydney.

Guille has extensive experience in countries such as Myanmar, Thailand and Ethiopia and would like to work in South America and has a successful production company. He available also to run workshops in telling stories in film and can run camera workshops and give talks.

Why PhotoAid? I have felt for a long time that I would like to use my skills for other than personal benefit and help in whichever way I could to people or communities in need of my skills. 


Stephen KitchenerStephen Kitchener completed a BA in Photojournalism and Documentary Photography at UAL LCC and is currently perusing a Masters in Documentary Film. He loves Landscape photography, but what interests him the most is to be able to tell a meaningful story with images. Something that matters that can change attitudes, and most importantly, help people. In addition to his photographic skills, Steve, spent 21 years in the RAF in various roles. With a BTECH in Electronics, he has a wealth of experience in electronics hardware, equipment set-up, power etc and can turn his hand to most electrical problems.
“Why PhotoAid? It’s their commitment to helping others.”
11224418_452351321637453_2736865010544543852_nPanagiotis Filippou, Professional Photographer based in Greece. Panos has worked with orphanages, cancer related charities, helping organising fund-raising galas plus donating all printed art to the orphanages to make the places look good. Himself a cancer survivor, who has used photography to overcome the illness, he is soon to be working with a hospital with children who have cancer (University Hospital of Larisa in Greece). Panos is experienced and available to give motivational talks, run workshops on composition, landscape, long exposure, editing LR/PS/LRTimelapse and more.
“My specialty is timelapse and astroscape with techniques in perspective and cinematography, 3axis movement and preparing for expedition and night photography.”
Panos can also help with IT and English alongside photography. “Surviving cancer using photography is the story of my life.”




If you would like to offer your services as a photographer to PhotoAid please get in touch.

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